Hello, my name is Alaina Holmes and I am by no means a professional photographer but this what I have a passion for and what I enjoy doing as a part time job and even just a hobby sometimes. I love to learn more and more everyday about photography and to me learning is by doing. I find myself with my camera in hand more and more all the time. I love to just capture people being themselves and not feeling uncomfortable. I want everyone to come out have fun and most of all be relaxed. It is all about natural beauty. Outdoor photos are by far my favorite but I understand that not all sessions can be completed outdoors, so I do have some indoor equipment and we can make do. Send me an email or contact me to discuss anything else you would like to know and I would love to capture some of your best moments. Hope to hear from you soon.

A little other information about me...I am married to Ray Holmes and a mother of 2 wonderful kids. As a family we ranch and love to ride horses and partake in equine events.

phone or text: 620-249-3192